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Virus-induced gene silencing in Nicotiana benthamiana triggered by heterologous gene sequences from Viola philippica 期刊论文
BIOLOGIA PLANTARUM, 2019, 卷号: 63, 页码: 153-163
Authors:  Li, Q. X.;  Wang, J.;  Zheng, S.;  Yang, N.;  Sun, K.;  He, C. Y.
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gene-specific probe  GLOBOSA  phytoene desaturase  PISTILLATA  
Rhizobial biogeography and inoculation application to soybean in four regions across China 期刊论文
JOURNAL OF APPLIED MICROBIOLOGY, 2018, 卷号: 125, 期号: 3, 页码: 853-866
Authors:  Yang, S. H.;  Chen, W. H.;  Wang, E. T.;  Chen, W. F.;  Yan, J.;  Han, X. Z.;  Tian, C. F.;  Sui, X. H.;  Singh, R. P.;  Jiang, G. M.;  Chen, W. X.
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biogeography  diversity  inoculation  rhizobia  soybean  
Prevalence of pollen-induced allergic rhinitis with high pollen exposure in grasslands of northern China 期刊论文
ALLERGY, 2018, 卷号: 73, 期号: 6, 页码: 1232-1243
Authors:  Wang, X. -Y.;  Ma, T. -T.;  Wang, X. -Y.;  Zhuang, Y.;  Wang, X. -D.;  Ning, H. -Y.;  Shi, H. -Y.;  Yu, R. -L.;  Yan, D.;  Huang, H. -D.;  Bai, Y. -F.;  Shan, G. -L.;  Zhang, B.;  Song, Q. -K.;  Zhang, Y. -F.;  Zhang, T. -J.;  Jia, D. -Z.;  Liu, X. -L.;  Kang, Z. -X.;  Yan, W. -J.;  Yang, B. -T.;  Bao, X. -Z.;  Sun, S. -H.;  Zhang, F. -F.;  Yu, W. -H.;  Bai, C. -L.;  Wei, T.;  Yang, T.;  Ma, T. -Q.;  Wu, X. -B.;  Liu, J. -G.;  Du, H.;  Zhang, L.;  Yan, Y.;  Wang, D. -Y.
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allergy test  climate  pollen count and exposure  pollen-induced allergic rhinitis  prevalence  
Response of ecosystem CO2 fluxes to grazing intensities - a five-year experiment in the Hulunber meadow steppe of China 期刊论文
Authors:  Yan, R. R.;  Tang, H. J.;  Lv, S. H.;  Jin, D. Y.;  Xin, X. P.;  Chen, B. R.;  Zhang, B. H.;  Yan, Y. C.;  Wang, X.;  Murray, Philip J.;  Yang, G. X.;  Xu, L. J.;  Li, L. H.;  Zhao, S.
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Inheritance of berry volatile compounds in two half-sib grape (Vitis vinifera) populations 期刊论文
EUPHYTICA, 2013, 卷号: 189, 期号: 3, 页码: 351-364
Authors:  B. H. Wu;  C. X. Yang;  Z. C. Liang;  W. Liu;  Y. J. Wang;  C. Y. Liu;  S. H. Li
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